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Xcellerator® Starting Platform, Dual Post (133171)

xcellerator dual post starting platform for swimming

Spectrum Aquatics® Xcellerator® Dual Post starting platforms give swimmers an extra boost on starts by allowing the rear leg to start at a 90° angle. Every frame is constructed of high quality US stainless steel, but what really sets our blocks apart from our competitors is the superior nonslip surface. Xcellerato®r block tops are coated with a grit overlay that provides a level of traction not available in competing products, and our plastic block tops, which are made of low density polyethylene, contain a superior, treaded surface that surpasses industry standards. Spectrum Aquatics’ blocks can accommodate nearly any deck and gutter configuration for both recreational and competition pools and can often be manufactured to fit into existing anchors. The Xcellerator® Starting Platform conforms to FINA, USA Swimming, NCAA and NFHS rulings.

Our stainless steel block tops are coated with a grit overlay providing an incredible level of traction not available in competing products. Our plastic tops are made of low-density polyethylene and contain a non-slip surface that surpasses industry standards. Plastic tops are a great choice for facilities that remove and store the blocks frequently – durable and able to withstand strong pool chemicals – resisting discoloration, fading and cracking.


• Unlimited color and logo options available on Xellerator®, Record Breaker® and Fusion® Starting Platforms
• All starting platforms can be customized to fit into existing anchors
• Powder Coating available in any color and a variety of finishes
• Electropolished and Spectra Shield® coated stainless steel provides a high-quality finish that resists corrosion
• Easy to install and remove
• Side handles and 18″ backstroke U-bar included to enhance speed and quick takeoffs
• Front hand and toe grips for faster takeoffs
• Easy-to-read lane numbers visible from all four sides
• Anchors and covers sold separately
• Our platforms comply with FINA, USA Swimming, NCAA and NFHS regulations (excluding the Quicksilver)

Product Downloads

Dual Post Anchor Install (Part # 24070)
Maintenance and Care for Powder Coated Spectrum Starting Platforms
Maintenance and Care for Stainless Steel Spectrum Starting Platforms

Starting Platforms Brochure
Starting Platforms One Page Sell Sheet
Xcellerator Sell Sheet

133171 Xcellerator Dual Post Product Specifications
24070 Dual Post Anchor 6 inch
24071 Dual Post Anchor 10 inch

Measuring Guide(s):

Xcellerator – Dual Post Measuring Guide (133171-MG-XCELLERATOR-DP)

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