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Warner Linear Battery -Wired (143007)

This battery pack is designed to operate our 24VDC pool lift actuators and is utilizes a wired connection to connect to the receiver. This design enhancement limits exposed parts and ultimately limit corrosion.

Replacement for SBC-24V-BP5.


• Contains two 12VDC, 5AH AGM batteries and conveniently attaches to the receiver box through a wired connection to operate a 24VDC actuator remotely
• Works with receiver unit 133036 (not compatible with receiver 54495)
• Utilizes a connector commonly used in watertight automotive applications
• Has a rectangular ON/OFF switch on the front that should be set to off when the system is not in use to prolong the life of the battery pack
• 15 amp accessible fuse on the front of the unit protects against shorts or low battery conditions
• Charge battery daily when the lift is not in use

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