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Xcellerator Starting Platform, Single Post

Applying the latest in approved technology, the Xcellerator Starting Platform contains an adjustable track start wedge and handgrips to give swimmers an extra boost on starts by allowing the knee to start at a 90 degree angle. The superior grit finish on the platform top reduces slipping while the H-style backstroke bar give backstroke swimmers numerous gripping options. Show your team spirit with the addition of a custom logo or powder coating the block to match your team’s colors.

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•  Large 32″ x 24″ stainless steel top sloped at a 10? angle for optimal starting stances
•  Stainless steel top covered in a superior non-slip material
•  Easy-to-adjust track start footrest attachment with 11 setting options to accommodate all heights and levels of flexibility
•  Single or dual post anchor with patented anti-wobble design allows for easy removal of blocks
•  Side handles included to enhance speed and quick takeoffs
•  Non-slip side access step available
•  Backstroke handles with versatile 18″ H bar
•  Stainless steel construction
•  Suggested setback of 30″ Ð accommodates anchor setbacks of 24″ to 38″
•  Available in black, with upgrade of custom colors and logos available
•  Easy-to-read, large numbers
•  Complies to FINA, USA and NCAA Swimming, and NFHS regulations

Part Number 57282

Product Downloads

Xcellerator Starting Platform Manual (Part # 57282)
Single Post Anchor (Part # 21700)
Maintenance and Care for Powder Coated Spectrum Starting Platforms
Maintenance and Care for Stainless Steel Spectrum Starting Platforms

Xcellerator Sell Sheet
Starting Platforms Brochure
Starting Platforms One Page Sell Sheet

57282 Xcellerator Single Post
21700-02 Single Post Anchor
21705 Single Post Anchor Alignment Tool

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57282 Xcellerator Single Post