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Portable Motion Trek BP300 & Deluxe (165600 / 165600-DLX)


portable motion trek ada pool lift

The Motion Trek 300 and 300 Deluxe are battery powered lifts that are portable and designed to fit more pool and gutter configurations than any other portable lift on the market.  These lifts are designed for both in-ground pools and spas.  The small footprint allows them to stay out of the clear deck space zone for aquatic pool lifts that is required by the ADA guidelines; making them fully ADA compliant**.

**Lockdown kit (42672) is required to be ADA Compliant.


  • 300 pound lifting capacity
  • 360° rotation for flexible load and unload positions
  • 6 points of contact with pool deck for safety and stability when stabilizer arms are out
  • 90 lifts per battery charge
  • Movable with precision bearing castors
  • Compact storage capability
  • Non-slip pads on contact points to prevent marks on pool deck
  • Powder coating available to match any pool setting


  • 5-year structural warranty
  • 2-year electronics warranty
  • 2 pullout locking legs for safety and stability
  • Spectra Shield® coating for maximum corrosion protection
  • Flip-down armrests with non-slip grip
  • Wired handset
  • Seatbelt
  • Adjustable padded headrest (Deluxe model)
  • Swing-out footrest (Deluxe model)


Product Downloads:

Portable Motion Trek BP300/300-DLX Product Information

Portable Motion Trek BP300 Product Manual

Portable Motion Trek BP300 Product Specifications

Portable Motion Trek BP300-DLX Product Manual

Portable Motion Trek BP300-DLX Product Specifications

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