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Kersplash Pool Climbing Walls

kersplash aquatic climbing wall

Kersplash Pool Climbing Walls add adventure to pool decks in both indoor and outdoor applications. Available in 2, 3, and 4 panel heights. The Kersplash Pool Climbing Wall is made of a 100% stainless steel frame and UV and chlorine resistant panels.

NEW! !  Kersplash climbing walls are now available in clear see-through panels, and translucent blue and green panels! 

Get a custom look at your facility by configuring the Kersplash Kolor panels in a fun checkerboard pattern, alternating columns, or all clear, blue or green panels.


• Designed to last in harsh indoor and outdoor aquatic settings
• All Spectrum stainless steel is passivated and coated with Spectra-Shield
• Frame is made from 100% USA made stainless steel
• Each section comes as sturdy single frame with solid one piece construction
• Easy to install

Part Numbers:

kersplash pool climbing wall part numbers

Product Downloads:

Kersplash Climbing Wall Product Information
Kersplash Climbing Wall Installation Instructions


8′ Kersplash – Clear Panels: 70535
8′ Kersplash – Blue Panels: 70535-1WB
8′ Kersplash – Green Panels:  70535-1WG
8′ Kersplash – Alternating Blue/Green Panels:  70535-1WA
12′ Kersplash – Clear Panels:  70536
12′ Kersplash – Clear Panels with Removable Base:  160552
12′ Kersplash – Blue Panels:  70536-1WB
12′ Kersplash – Green Panels:  70536-1WG
12′ Kersplash – Alternating Blue/Green Panels:  70536-1WA
16′ Kersplash – Clear Panels:  70537
16′ Kersplash – Blue Panels:  70537-1WB
16′ Kersplash – Green Panels:  70537-1WG
16′ Kersplash – Alternating Blue/Green Panels:  70537-1WA


Measuring Guide(s):

Kersplash Measuring Guide (KERSPLASH-MG)

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