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Motion Trek BP 400 Deluxe (163145-DLX)

motion trek bp400 deluxe ada pool lift


• 400lb lifting capacity
• Self operable from the deck and the water
• 90 lifts per battery charge (TI Motion)
• All stainless steel construction (electropolished 304L grade)
• Coated with Spectra Shield for maximum corrosion protection
• Stabilizer bar significantly improves lift stability during transfer
• Rotationally and vertically powered with 360 degree
continuous power rotation
• Accommodates setback of 6” to 22” and water draft up to 12”
• Easy to install, even into existing decks
• Proprietary robust operating system and actuator outperform
the competition
• Flip-down armrests for ease of transferring
• Adjustable padded head rest
• Seatbelt
• Swingout footrest

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Motion Trek BP 400 Deluxe Manual


Motion Trek BP 400 Deluxe Sell Sheet

Motion Trek Cutaway


Motion Trek 400 Deluxe Cut Sheet

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