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Lolo ADA Pool Lift (27550)

lolo ada pool lift



The Lolo pool lift is designed to accommodate in-ground pools without customization. The Lolo ADA pool lifts accommodate in-ground pools having a minimum deck to pool bottom dimension of 42″ (typically 36″ water depth). Standard units will accommodate various anchor locations from the pool wall.


• ADA/ABA Compliant and Title 24: California Code of Regulations
• 400 pound lifting capacity
• Passivated stainless steel – no dissimilar metals
• Dual point anchor
• Large diameter cylinder and piston designed specifically to provide greater and quicker lifting capacity
• Adjustable padded headrest for full support
• Large spacious seat designed for ease of transfer
• Durable low density polyethylene footrest with non-slip surface for safety and comfort
• Base stand accommodates a wide range of gutter configurations
• Heavy duty base stand design that provides high loading capacity with minimal deflection
• Seat has excellent lumbar support and material will not disintegrate or crack over time
• Swing out footrest allows for ease of transfer
• Pinchless flip up outer arm

Product Downloads

Lolo Lift Manual
Lolo & Gallatin Preset Anchor Installation Manual
Lolo and Gallatin Retrofit Anchor Installation Manual

Lolo ADA Pool Lift Sell Sheet
ADA Compliance Trifold Brochure

27550 Lolo Lift WP400 20-30
27400 Retrofit Swimlift Anchor for Lolo and Gallatin
27450 Preset Anchor for Lolo and Gallatin

CAD Files:
27548 Lolo LB 12” Lift
27550 Lolo LB 6” Lift
27546 Lolo SB 12” Lift
27552 Lolo SB 6” Lift

Measuring Guides:

Lift Measuring Guide (GUTTER-PROFILE-MG)

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