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Horizon Aquatic Lifts (2010102)

horizon ada pool lift bp450

The Horizon aquatic lifts are wireless and battery powered and are self operable from the deck and water.  With a robust operating system, these lifts can accommodate a wide variety of decks and gutter setbacks for both in- and above-ground pools for patrons up to 450 pounds.


  • Up to 450 pound lifting capacity
  • Quiet and stable operation
  • 90 lifts per battery charge
  • Easy to install, even into existing concrete decks and anchors
  • Rotationally and vertically powered with 360° continuous power rotation
  • Accommodates setback of 6″ to 40″ and water draft up to 12″
  • Stainless steel construction (electropolished 304L grade)
  • Spacious seat offers excellent lumbar support and ease of transfer
  • Powder color coating available to match any pool setting on some models


  • 5-year structural warranty
  • 2-year electronics warranty
  • 24 volt battery and charger
  • Spectra Shield® coating for corrosion protection
  • 2 wireless remote controls
  • Flip-up armrests with non-slip grip
  • Padded headrest (Deluxe models)
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Seat belt

Product Downloads:

Horizon BP 450 & BP 450 Deluxe Information Sheet

Horizon BP-450 Specifications (2010102)

Horizon BP-450 Specification Drawing (2010102)

Horizon BP-450  Deluxe Specifications (2010102 DLX)

Horizon BP-450 Deluxe Specification Drawing (2010102 DLX)

Horizon Long Reach BP 300 & BP 300 Deluxe Information Sheet

Horizon Long Reach BP-300 Specifications (2030086)

Horizon Long Reach BP-300 Specification Drawing (2030086)

Horizon Long Reach BP-300 Deluxe Specifications (2030086 DLX)

Horizon Long Reach BP-300 Deluxe Specification Drawing (2030086 DLX)

Horizon Owner’s Manual

Measuring Guide(s):

AGPD Measuring Guide (MG-AGPD)

In Ground Spa Measuring Guide (IN-GROUND-SPA-MG)