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  • AquaClimb Sport Pool Climbing Walls
  • AquaClimb Sport Pool Climbing Walls
  • AquaClimb Sport Pool Climbing Walls
  • AquaClimb Sport Pool Climbing Walls

AquaClimb® Sport Pool Climbing Wall

AquaClimb® elite Sport climbing wall caters to the most daring, challenging participants to climb up to 23 feet. The unique design includes a single panel with a sleek industrial frame. With this design, the climbing wall remains fixed in place once installed for year round enjoyment. The sport models install either to the pool deck or to a concrete pool wall to free up deck space. Offered in 3 climbing wall heights of 5, 6 or 7 meters for one climber at a time!

Pricing varies by panel height and width.

AquaClimb® pool climbing walls are designed to build courageous kids for life’s great adventure and are exclusively distributed through Spectrum Aquatics.


  • Stainless steel frame with options to powder coat the structure in a variety of standard color options

  • Can be positioned indoors in front of windows with minimal loss of day lighting


  • Equipped with four color-coded climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty

  • Can be mounted to the concrete pool wall or deck of indoor and outdoor swimming and diving pools

Product Downloads:

AquaClimb® Pool Climbing Wall Configurations

AquaClimb® Sport Pool Climbing Wall Planning Guide

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