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For more than 47 years, Spectrum Aquatics® has designed and manufactured high-quality custom rails, ADA lifts and commercial grade pool deck equipment. Spectrum has innovative products, skilled employees, knowledgeable engineers and an excellent customer service and sales staff.

Spectrum Aquatics provides exceptional support to our customers. We take pride in offering you top notch service and assisting you in finding the best solutions to meet your individual requirements.

We strive to consistently exceed expectations and be the total solution provider for your equipment needs. From inquiry to installation, Spectrum Aquatics is here for you, and the aquatics community.

Spectrum is highly regarded within the pool and spa industry and is acknowledged for:

• Quality products with competitive pricing
• Expedient delivery
• Leadership in innovative products
• Friendly and caring customer service
• Superior engineering and field sales support


  • Our lift works great and has allowed my wife to get in the pool and maintain the mobility she has worked hard to get back over the past year.
    James January, James R (Rick) January
  • If a group is on the fence about where to go, it helps to remind them that we have the climbing wall as an amenity.  That's it...they come here.  It has been the deciding factor for several groups.
    Lake County Aquatic Center, Judy Green, Aquatics Coordinator
  • The AquaClimb wall has given us a lot more usage of that pool (diving well) than we have had in the past.
    Northridge Recreation Center, Highlands Ranch Community Association, Karl Brehm, Aquatics Coordinator