Backstroke Start Device
Backstroke Start Device Backstroke swimmers risk a slip start when pushing off a pool wall or slippery touchpad during the start of a backstroke race. The backstroke start device (patent pending) is designed to reduce this.
Solarian Themed Deck Equipment
Solarian Themed Deck Equipment Add style and elegance to your pool without sacrificing functionality or safety. Introducing the Solarian-an affordable line of themed pool deck equipment designed to give your pool an updated, harmonized look. Our products are made of 304L (or 316L upon request) US stainless steel, electropolished and passivated with Spectra Shield' for maximum corrosion resistance. Powder coating options available.
Bleachers Spectrum Aquatics now offers bleachers for your aquatic facility sporting events.
UltraShades UltraShade are high quality commercial grade outdoor shade and shelter products offered in a wide variety of standard and custom shapes. Designed to protect both your aquatic facility and your patrons, these low maintenance coverings provide patrons and visitors with a durable and comfortable space protected from nature's elements.
Life Floor
Life Floor Life Floor is a slip-resistant, soft tile designed for barefoot traffic in wet areas. Life Floor can be installed indoors, outdoors, and even underwater. Life Floor is made from EVAtrax, a revolutionary foam-rubber formulated for durability and impact absorption. Life Floor can be manufactured in custom colors and textures, and can be installed with custom inlay designs, making it perfect for play surfaces and theming. Visit to find out more! Tested to rigorous standards. Various Colors & Textures Available, and 3/16", 3/8", 7/8" thicknesses available.
ADA Pool Lifts & Assisted Access
ADA Pool Lifts & Assisted Access Spectrum offers a wide variety of ada compliant pool lifts- including options that are manually powered, battery powered, water powered and radio frequency controlled, in both fixed and portable lift versions. Delivering the highest quality craftsmanship, all of our lifts superstructures and components are electropolished and passivated to improve the corrosion resistance in harsh pool environments. Spectrum is the only pool and spa lift manufacturer that passivates its stainless steel superstructure. All of Spectrum's Swim-Lifts® require field measurement guides. Anchors are sold separately.
Starting Platforms
Starting Platforms Spectrum offers a large selection of starting platforms to accommodate practically any deck and gutter configuration for recreational and competition pools. Starting platforms are available in single post and dual post for competitive swimming and recreational facilities. All our starting platforms meet FINA, NCAA, NFSHSA, USMS, USS competition pool rules and regulations making the submittal process effortless and prompt.
Lifeguard Platforms
Lifeguard Platforms Spectrum Products offers a selection of moveable, portable and permanently mounted lifeguard chairs. Spectrum Products designs and engineers our lifeguard chairs with different heights and widths to accommodate the needs and the safety requirements of all indoor and outdoor commercial aquatic facilities. All platforms utilize non-slip platform tops, molded ladder tread, stainless steel life ring buoy holders, stainless steel umbrella mounting brackets and a commercial use rated guard seat.
Thermal Pool Blankets and Reels
Thermal Pool Blankets and Reels Pool Covers used on indoor and/or outdoor pools and spas save money - often paying for themselves in less than one year. Panels come complete with loop ties for attaching the individual panels to a stainless steel Bitterroot portable blanket storage reel system. The Spectrum Bitterroot series deck blanket storage systems ensure proper handling and storage of Spectrum's pool blankets.
Water Slides & Pool Slides
Water Slides & Pool Slides Bring fun and excitement for all ages with the new Single, Double or Triple Flume Pool Slides by Spectrum Aquatics®. Spectrum pool slides feature a structure made entirely of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and visual appeal with heavy duty roto-molded flumes in a wide selection of colors.

Spectrum slides comply with the Model Aquatic Health Code, International Building Code and the CPSC.
Pool Climbing Walls
Pool Climbing Walls Kersplash Pool Climbing Walls are made from 100% stainless steel and UV and Chlorine resistant panels. Available in Color and Crystal Clear varieties the Kersplash Pool Climbing Wall adds adventure to any pool.
Ladders and Therapy Steps
Ladders and Therapy Steps Pool and spa ladders measure 25", 27", 30" or 36" between tread and anchor location. Ladders are supplied with our deluxe HDPE tread. The 20" side HDPE tread incorporates molded nut inserts, eliminating the need for exterior nuts and sharp surfaces, and is equipped with a step reference locator. Mounting anchors and escutcheons are sold separately.
Grab Rails and Hand Rails
Grab Rails and Hand Rails Spectrum grab rails and handrails are available in 1.90" O.D. x various wall thickness, 304L stainless steel rail configuration. They are also available in 1.50" O.D. x various wall thickness, passivated stainless steel configuration upon request. Spectrum's 1.50" O.D. railing materials comply with the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS) and ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG). These rails provide the best possible gripping surface for the user. Mounting anchors and escutcheons are sold separately.
Custom Rails
Custom Rails Spectrum offers a complete selection of custom grab rails, therapy rails, ramp rails, stair rails and more. Custom rails are available in a variety of stainless steel material types, 304, 304L and 316L as well as a variety of outside diameters and wall thicknesses.
Cleaning Equipment
Cleaning Equipment Spectrum Products manufactures a wide variety of portable filtration systems to support all pool sizes. Made from stainless steel and incorporating durable Sta-Rite® pumps, these vacuums are the most dependable on the market today. All metallic components are passivated for maximum corrosion resistance. Shipped fully assembled.
Anchors and Accessories
Anchors and Accessories Spectrum offers sockets, escutcheons and accessories for use with rails, ladders, stanchions, lifts, lifeguard platforms and other deck equipment.
Deck Equipment
Deck Equipment Diving towers, training platforms, lane line storage reels, and polo goals complete Spectrum's deck equipment line.

Mendota Portable Lifeguard Chair - Recycled

The Mendota portable lifeguard chairs are made of recycled high-density polyethylene material with colorants and UV inhibitors.

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