Spectrum Aquatics Releases Wired Battery and Receiver Unit for Battery Powered ADA Pool Lifts
Spectrum Aquatics announces the release of a wired battery and receiver unit for use with its battery powered ADA pool lifts. These enhancements include a conversion from the current �tabbed� battery contact to a fully enclosed wired connection in order to limit exposed parts. READ MORE
Spectrum Aquatics Announces Availability of the Backstroke Start Device
Spectrum Aquatics' innovative backstroke wedge is currently available for order and will be on display at this year's 2014 ASCA World Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. READ MORE
Spectrum Aquatics Offers Program to Assist Public Pool Owners with ADA Compliance
To date, there have been several lawsuits filed against hotels in violation of ADA pool lift regulations, and on March 28, 2014, the Department of Justice increased the maximum civil penalty for first time violations from $55,000 to $75,000; subsequent violations are $150,000. READ MORE
Spectrum Aquatics Introduces Backstroke Start Device
Spectrum Aquatics has recently developed an automatic anti-slip backstroke start "wedge" (patent pending) designed to improve the starts of competitive backstroke swimmers. READ MORE
Xcellerator Starting Platforms Used In High-Profile 2014 Championship Swim Meets
Spectrum Aquatics, a leading manufacturer of commercial pool equipment, was selected to manufacture custom Xcellerator starting platforms for Harvard University and the University of Minnesota Swimming and Diving Teams, both of whom are hosting high-profile championship meets during the 2014 swimming season. READ MORE
Spectrum Aquatics Introduces the Solarian Line of Themed Pool Deck Products
Spectrum Aquatics announces the launch of the Solarian' line of themed pool deck products. This new line of products was designed as an affordable replacement for residential and commercial pool facilities desirous of an updated, streamlined look. READ MORE
Xcellerator Starting Platforms for the University of Notre Dame
Spectrum Aquatics, a leading manufacturer of commercial pool equipment, has recently been selected to manufacture custom Xcellerator dual post starting platforms for the University of Notre Dame Swimming and Diving Teams. READ MORE
Spectrum Aquatics Now Offers 7-Day Technical Support
Spectrum Aquatics, a leading manufacturer of commercial pool equipment, is now offering expanded technical support hours from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Mountain Time, and will be available to serve domestic and international customers 7 days a week, with weekend hours beginning on August 17, 2013. READ MORE
Spectrum Lifts are now officially 3rd Party Tested for ADA Compliance.
Spectrum Lifts are now officially 3rd Party Tested for ADA Compliance by NSF International. READ MORE
Looking for Lift Installation Information or User's Manuals?
Now available online lift installation information and users' manuals. READ MORE

Spectra-Clean Stainless Steel Cleaning

Spectra-Clean is a ready to use stainless steel passivation solution.  Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant alloy; however, it may display rusting characteristics under certain conditions.  Routinely wiping down rail surfaces and rinsing with unclorinated water minimize the potential for corrosion.  In the event stainless steel equipment displays stubborn rust stains or heavy deposit build-up, specialized materials are needed to remove these foreign substances and to restore the original rail finish.  Spectra-Clean is available in System 1 for daily use stainless steel cleaning, System 2 for extreme stainless steel cleaning and System 3 for severe stainless steel cleaning. 

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