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Nabil Khaled, Director of Sales
Cell Phone: 918.841.2311

Rob Nelson, Manager of Logistics and Customer Service
Direct Line: 406.532.6321

Philip Frandsen, Customer Service Representative
Direct Line: 406.532.6328

Josh Hartley, Business Development Specialist (Southeast Region)
Cell Phone: 843.906.3833

Jon Mirkin, Business Development Specialist (Northeast Region)
Cell Phone: 443.699.3557

Chris Rhyne, Business Development Specialist (CA and NV)
Cell Phone: 760.533.9956

Trisha Drobeck, Inside Sales Representative
Direct Line: 406.532.6340

Shirley Gustafson, Inside Sales Representative
Direct Line: 406.542.9781

Christen Mertes, Inside Sales Representative
Direct Line: 406.532.6349 


Canadian Distributor
DB Perks

European Distributor
Nosag AG


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Shirley Gustafson
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Nabil Khaled
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Christen Mertes
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Trisha Miller
Rob Nelson
Rob Nelson
Chris Rhyne
Chris Rhyne
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Ben Tiffin
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Joe Weimer

Spectrum Aquatics offers a wide variety of products, many of them are custom and require communication with our inside sales team.  Please contact Spectrum with any inquiries, questions, concerns or product needs. Information submitted within this online form may be used for communication purposes and we may occasionally notify you of product-specific promotions related to your inquiry.

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Spectra-Clean Stainless Steel Cleaning

Spectra-Clean is a ready to use stainless steel passivation solution.  Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant alloy; however, it may display rusting characteristics under certain conditions.  Routinely wiping down rail surfaces and rinsing with unclorinated water minimize the potential for corrosion.  In the event stainless steel equipment displays stubborn rust stains or heavy deposit build-up, specialized materials are needed to remove these foreign substances and to restore the original rail finish.  Spectra-Clean is available in System 1 for daily use stainless steel cleaning, System 2 for extreme stainless steel cleaning and System 3 for severe stainless steel cleaning. 

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