Spectrum Lifts are now officially 3rd Party Tested for ADA Compliance.

Spectrum Lifts are now officially 3rd Party Tested for ADA Compliance by NSF International.  NSF International is a nationally recognized third party testing facility that conducts field verification and certification of products worldwide.  Spectrum Lifts have passed the rigorous verification process and are certified ADA Compliant.  Visit our Pool Lifts Requirements Page in the ADA Pool Lift Product section to download the full report.

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Spectra-Clean Stainless Steel Cleaning

Spectra-Clean is a ready to use stainless steel passivation solution.  Stainless steel is a corrosion resistant alloy; however, it may display rusting characteristics under certain conditions.  Routinely wiping down rail surfaces and rinsing with unclorinated water minimize the potential for corrosion.  In the event stainless steel equipment displays stubborn rust stains or heavy deposit build-up, specialized materials are needed to remove these foreign substances and to restore the original rail finish.  Spectra-Clean is available in System 1 for daily use stainless steel cleaning, System 2 for extreme stainless steel cleaning and System 3 for severe stainless steel cleaning. 

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